Rabu, 11 April 2018

Alian Butterfly Park Kebumen

Travelling become one of the most important thing in ourlife nowadays... 
I believe it become a trend now to sell everything you have and start travelling around the world , specially in Europe .. to not just read but experience it by yourself ..

To answer the needs ..
We offer you , a place in the middle of no where ..
in Kebumen , Middle Java

Well, its not really in the middle of no where , the house still surrounded by neighbours
but also Djati Forrest ..

See it by yourself
Warung at Djati forrest
If you need accomodation at this place , contact me ..
The house just 5 minutes walking to a hotspring
Behind the house , there is a hill where you can see sunrise and sunset at the same spot.
At the Djati forrest , there are 3 rare deer ..
They also have 3 beautiful peacock
and a captive breeding of rare butterflies

Lets get lost ! ;)