Jumat, 23 Februari 2018

Bromo sunrise once again

We never getting bored visiting Bromo, 
the view always amazing ..
And everytime , always new experience. 

For me, since i live nearby .. the best time visiting Bromo is in February.
But have to be very lucky , because its still in the middle of rainy season.
If you come from outside Malang, the months doesnt really matter. 
Just go !

This group visiting Bromo in January ..
We have rain almost everyday in January , 
morning .. day .. noon .. nite ..
Well , specially after 12.00 noon 

The group came all the way from Singaraja , Bali ..
 I just realize its still in rainy season when its already paid.
The weather is not my responsibility .. off course .
But i have responsibility to make it fun even when ( just in case ) the sun wont come out and shine.
so ,.. i come out with this idea ..
Lets bring a drone and make a video !

Dont let anything make you sad or having badmood
Cheer up !
Even sadness can be the best part of your life
Turn it around and SMILE :)

Sincerely ,