Rabu, 28 Januari 2015


We can arrange your destination around Malang or East Java event around Indonesia
just choose your destination, and it will be come true.
This is some place that can visit, but there is other places waiting.

You can found Strawberry/Apple Batu Plantation, Tea Plantation at Lawang / Wonasari, Honey Bee Farming, Karang Kates Dam, Selorejo Dam, modern tourist rides like BNS (Batu Night Spectacular), Jawa Timur Park I / II, Transport Museum, Secret Zoo, Taman Safari II, Fish / Bird etc traditional Market and Flower Market (Splendid / at Batu), Rafting / Tuberafting, Paragliding at Gunung banyak Hill / Paramotor at Bromo Mountain.
Badut Temple, Jago Temple, Kidal Temple, Singosari Temple, Songgoriti Temple, sumberawan Temple.
Hot Springs at Cangar, Baung Waterfall, Glothak Waterfall, Jahe Waterfall, Manten Waterfall, Pelangi Waterfall near to Bromo mountain, Rais Waterfall, Rondo Waterfall near to Batu City, Sewu Waterfall, Talun Waterfall, Watu Ondo Waterfall, Teletubies Hill with fascinating savana.
Ranu Kumbolo lake, Ranu Regulo and Ranu Pane in direction to Mountain Semeru, Mountain Bromo, Mountain Kawi, Panderman Hill.
Batu City, Malang also has Dairy, produce as milk packaging, cheese or send it to dairies/factory.
Woodcraft like Malang Mask (Topeng Malangan) or decoration from wood, kids toy, for kitchen tool etc.
Bamboocraft also made around Malang, for decoration and kitchen tool, bird cage combine with wood.
The most popular is Batik Druju
Stone Craft for decoration and kitchen tool.
Pottery or ceramic has manifold, usually for garnish, pot, vase.
Onyx made at Malang, for souvenirs.
Also find rattan for chair, table, decoration.
Malang also known as central produce of typical chips from fruit.
If you like beaches, you can visit Balekambang Beach, Sendang Biru Beach, Bajul Mati Beach, Clengup Beach, Goa Cina Beach, Jolosutro Beach, Jonggring Saloko Beach, Licin Beach, Modangan Beach, Ngantep Beach, Ngliyep Beach, Sipilot Beach, Tamban Beach, Wonogoro Beach, Sempu Island with Segoro Anakan beach.

Choosing the most popular tourism spot can save your time and money. Sorted it to one line, and you can end it completely.