Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Brief Visit to Kaliandra

a trully new destination of travelling
when travelling, fun and learning described in one word
i can say it's KALIANDRA
its a cultural conservation placed in a great outdoor
you can find their website HERE
swan pool
it was a nice accidentally trip
i read about KALIANDRA on my friends blog and that sunday the idea came up out of no where
let's go!
the road to kaliandra was through slum population, after asking people here and there, finally..
it was 03.00 PM when we got there,drizzle and misty.
Kaliandra placed in the foothills of mount Arjuno surrounded by a population,
they named it after tree Caliandra Calothyrsus.
A pioneer tree which have ability to survive in critical land.
They have vision of improve the quality of human resources,
spur economic growth and
facilitate the conservation of nature and culture
around the protected forest area of mount Arjuno, East Java.
Map of Kaliandra - two kampong villages - Bharatapura and Hastinapura
entrence the gate, we were welcomed by their staff
introduced us their program while staying at Kaliandra.
Since the place was a cultural and nature conservation, there's no TV or electrical appliances allowed.
it was difficult to get a signal for my cellphone too!
the road between bharatapura and hastinapura
Their accomodation facility on Kampung bharatapura have a capacity only for 120 pax.
while Hastinapura consist of 5 bungalows with special services.
the houses build with Ancient Javanese architecture
feels like we entering royal heyday of Majapahit
Bharatapura - each house has 4 rooms

a pond on Kampung Bharatapura
Activities that we can do there are :
1. Nature Education Program, specially for children. Teach them how to prevent nature's damage.
organik farming
2. Cultural Program , teach how to play gamelan, javanese dance , or how to make batik.
learn javanese dance
learn to play gamelan
3. Ecotourism Program such as rope course, hiking to mount Arjuno, biking, swimming in ancient swimmingpool again with ancient majapahit architecture, etc
image by Kaliandra
we walked up to the Hastinapura bungalows, the scenery was more beautiful..
before we got to Hastinapura we pass by a beautiful house
the beautiful house build in front of swan pond
wasnt supposed to be rent, used only by the owner of kaliandra

Pool House - perfect for honeymoon

terrace of the pool house
and the house has private swimmingpool in the back
we took a peek from bushes
private pool
pass by a small gate of ancient majapahit architecture
border gate between hastinapura and bharatapura
and finally we got there, kampong Hastinapura
The bungalows of Hastinapura

the open bathroom what a brilliant idea
and very romantic bedroom
im glad i found this place....
quiet and beautiful hideaways.. love to come again and again

want to book a room in kaliandra ?
i can help you...
just leave a comment or contact us
waterfall on the foothill of mount Arjuno